Each of our coaches spend their time training and continuing to become experts in their field of study. Human development is dynamic and because of this it helps to have coaches with knowledge in every field. Regardless of where you need to improve, we have a coach that can help you.


Christian Ballard

Athletic Performance

Corrective exercise

Speed & Agility

Christian has been passionate about Performance and Fitness for the majority of his life.. Although his Athletic career ended before he was able to accomplish his goals, his love for the weight room continued. This passion led him to the fitness indusrty where he served two years as a Fitness Director/Operations Manager before following his passion for Athletic Performance and becoming a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist (CPPS). He has since added the Advanced Athletic Preparation Specialist (CPPS 2), Functional Movement Screen (FMS2), Certified Weightlifting Performance Coach (CWPC), Certified Speed and Agility Coach (CSAC) and Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT) certifications to his “tool belt”. These areas of specialization allow Christian to develop and enhance his athletes specific needs at various stages of their athletic careers. Christian along with his team of Certified Strength, Nutrition and Mental Experts developed M.A.P.S. Academy (Mobility, Aesthetics, Performance and Strength) an Athletic Performance and Adult Functional Fitness Program designed to educate and inspire all clients toward reaching their full potential.

Christian believes that everyone should be able experience life to the fullest and never be held back by physical limitations. He aims to equip people with the knowledge and tools to reach their fullest potential and will continue to improve clients lives through movement and performance. He currently lives in Arlington with his wife Brittany and daughters Ella (5) and Lyla (2).


Jenna Wooley


Functional Strength Training

Olympic Lifting

With over a decade of experience managing individuals from diverse backgrounds in a professional setting, Jenna is able to effectively work with clients at all stages of their fitness journey. She is committed to helping clients realize their fitness goals while teaching them the long term effects of a healthy lifestyle that go beyond the physical benefits.



CFSC-Certified Functional Strength Coach

CWPC-Certified Weightlifting Performance Coach 


Cody Johnson


Functional Strength Training

Golf Performance Training

Exercise and fitness have always been a big part of Cody’s life. Growing up in Tucson, Arizona, Cody started playing golf and other sports competitively at age 9 and continued through college. Pretty much any sport that involved a ball, he gravitated towards. Over the years of playing competitive sports, there were several broken bones and one torn Achilles, but these injuries taught him the importance of maintaining mobility, strength and how to train smart. He found the benefits of exercise and strength training can help people in every stage and activity of life.

Cody obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Arizona State University with the intention of becoming a Physical Therapist. However, after completing an internship at Cooper Fitness Center in Dallas, he saw that Personal Training was a better fit with his skills and interests. Cody has worked in the health and fitness industry since 2011. He enjoys working with all levels of fitness from as young as 10 to as old as 90. He has been certified through Cooper Institute’s Biomechanics of Resistance Training and through American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) as well as the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)

His goal is to create in people a healthy attitude toward fitness and the knowledge to get strong in a safe and efficient way. He puts a strong emphasis on quality over quantity.   


Cody and his wife Amanda live in Bedford and are proud dog-parents of their yellow lab, Pebbles.



Kaytee O’Brien


Strength Training


Kaytee’s background has consisted of fitness and performance since as long as she can remember. She competed at the D1 NCAA Collegiate Level in soccer on scholarship. She spent her first two years at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where she studied Kinesiology, Nutrition & Public Health. As a Junior, Kaytee transferred, on another scholarship, to University of Texas at San Antonio, to finish up her collegiate career, as well as earning her Bachelors in Kinesiology. As a senior, she had the opportunity of working in the UTSA Weight Room, as a strength coach, for women’s soccer, volleyball, football, and baseball/softball. Following her playing days, Kaytee stayed in San Antonio and went on to coaching soccer at the select level . She spent three years as a head coach of youth girls, ages 8-14. Now residing in Dallas, Kaytee continues her love of fitness competing in Bodybuilding - Bikini Division, where she is nationally qualified and working to get her Pro Card in the upcoming 2018 season. She enjoys helping and watching people become a better version of themselves through adapting to healthier lifestyle choices. Kaytee believes the progress to our mind, body, soul is how we find happiness, and that, only through bettering ourselves, can we better others.


USSF Soccer Coaching D, E & F License

Nationally Qualified Bikini Bodybuilding