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A comprehensive guide to Increasing power, Reducing injury, and Optimizing Swing Mechanics

A tremendous amount of time and energy has been dedicated to the development of conditioning programs, mechanics drills, and rehabilitation protocols for the throwing athlete. In comparison, a significantly smaller amount has been spent on the needs of the hitting athlete. The Hitter’s Guide was created in response to both this lack of information and a desperate need for hitters to properly prepare their bodies for the demands of the swing.

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Part 1: Hitter's Activation

The Hitter's Activation routine contains 8 exercises specifically designed and sequenced to Increase Power, Reduce Injury and Optimize Swing Mechanics. (See The Science of Hitting below for more information)

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Part 2: Hitter's Drills

The Hitter's Drills are designed to build upon the Hitter's Activation Routine and bridge the gap from the Warm-up to the Plate.