At M.A.P.S. we believe that every human should have freedom through movement (Mobility), look the way they desire (Aesthetics), operate at a high level in all areas of life (Performance), and have a foundational level of total body stability (Strength). 

Our Method

Performance development is dynamic and we understand that. Regardless of what you want to improve upon we have a coach that can help. We always start with a baseline screen or consultation so we have a complete understanding of where we are, today. From here we work with you one movement, one skill & one habit at a time so that you can achieve your desired results efficiently and map out your future fitness journey.

Strength & Conditioning

Regardless of your sport or competition. Strength & conditioning provides the building blocks to better help us enjoy what we do. From competing at the professional level to enjoying play time with the kids, being able to move well and move often is what we want to help you achieve. Click to learn more about Christian's coaching.


Improving performance, health and body composition all stem from applying quality nutrition principles. The mission is to educate, deliver and support nutritional behaviors that drive anyone looking to reach a higher level of health, fitness or sport. We have an on-site smoothie bar Powered by Live Healthy With Betty. With quality information, quality ingredients, and quality coaching we're here to help you make manageable progress towards your overall fitness goal. Click below to learn more about Betty's Smoothies. 


Discipline is one skill that allows us to unlock access to almost any goal we set our mind to. It's easy to see how practicing discipline can help you take frequent, consistent steps towards your big dreams. Just like our other programs there are skills we can practice to help us improve. Click to learn more about Cam's coaching.